Summer Holidays

Jude has ben making the most of his two brothers at home this holiday, he has had them singing to his tune – literally.  We have a music cd with the track “I can play on the big base drum”.  Nathan and Joseph (known to Jude as Nay Nay and Joe Joe play all of the musical instruments.  Jude finally gave in to sleep tonight, next to Nay Nay…….

It’s Jude’s hospital appointment tomorrow, so we are off to Russells Hall to see Dr Ibrahim.  We have things we want to say and discuss, let’s just hope all goes well.  It is so hard sometimes as you put so much hope in these appointments and sometimes don’t get the results you were hoping for.  Fingers crossed hey.  On a lighter note Jude went swimming today to the local baths, his first time there.  They have a huge water fountain that you can sit under and see all of the water splashing round.  Jude seemed to like it.  Also he went down the slide (to all who know the crystal leisure centre it was the green slide and not the yellow one that goes outside the centre above Stourbridge Ring Road) with his dad swiftly followed by Nathan Joseph and Nathan’s friend Mike.  Fun was had by all.


Happy Days are here again …..

Well it’s been a little up and down this last week with Jude and his toilet issues.  But we seem to be alot better today.  Jude has been so happy being able to play on the floor and has taken particular interest in his new play gym from his aunty Jude (confusing I know).  I couldn’t believe my eyes this afternoon, Jude spent about half an hour on the lounge carpet kicking the gym and the toys and even trying to grab them.  He is such a different little boy when he is not in pain.  I just hope that when we see the consultant on 27th August we will be able to get something sorted about his toilet problems.

Also you may notice something different in the attached photographs (I know now I’ve learnt how to insert a photo I am becoming quite the photograph queen).  Anyhow on Friday last week we needed to change Jude’s tube as it kept on blocking, after taking it out we realised we couldn’t insert the new one straight away as he had just had a drink at which point Ian asked me how I felt about trying without the tube and giving Jude his drugs orally.  Well so far so good, I am not saying to myself that’s the tube gone for good, as I know there are lows as well as highs but we are managing at the moment and do have a spare tube if we need to re-pass it.  I think you will agree how beautiful my dear Jude is………..

jude the dude

jude the dude

Jude & J Jax enjoying the new play gym

Jude & J Jax enjoying the new play gym

It’s all just too much

This week has been a little stressful, Jude is teething and has recently changed his milk to a specialized formula milk called nutricia that is higher in energy and protein etc.  This also means that jude is more likely to become constipated, not a nice topic I know.  Well the poor little man has been throught the mill this week and spent many an hour crying, all to fill a nappy!  We are seeing the consultant in a couple of weeks so will raise this issue with her.  Rachel the dietician has also suggested the nutricia with added fibre to help, and if this is not successful a drug called movolon (I think).  This picture demonstrates that it all became too much for him yesterday and sleep was needed.

and so to sleep

and so to sleep

With regards to his first night in his room…. I woke the next morning and said to Ian “Well he was alright last night wasn’t he” ….. famous last words.  Ian woke at about 2.30am ish with him and looked after him till nearly 5.00am when Jude finally gave in and slept, and as for me? I didn’t hear a thing and slept through it all, and that’s a first for me/

Some of Jude’s friends have asked if they can have their picture wih Jude on his blog, so shown below is Jude with two of his ‘girlfriends’ – Colleen and Oliva.  (Sorry to Luke as his picture did not come out well)


Well this week has been a fun one, my first back at work, which went well that is once I got there.  There is quite alot to sort out each morning for three children, youself and a cup of coffee for your husband!  I never knew I could be this tired, falling asleep in the bath one morning and waking up at 7.20am, totally panicked.  Jude hasn’t been behaving in the sleep department this week, most nights waking up in excess of two times, probably having something to do with one razor sharp tooth and another one eager waiting to make an appearance.

Tonight he has gone in his own room.  To all who know us that will be a total shock, and no the room isn’t yet finished.  The border still has to be put up and we have some stickers for the wall that still have to be applied, but Jude is in his room, sleeping in a white cot origianlly bought for Nathan ten years ago, that has been used by Joe his bother and his two cousin’s Reuben and Aoife.  We sure get our money’s worth out of things in the Marrey household.

No more pictures at the moment, just the hope of a good un-interupted nights sleep……….  Please


It’s a hard life ……….

Well it has all proved just too much for Jude, today he finally cut his first tooth and after a verysleepless night, Jude finally gave in to cousin mim and went to sleep in her arms.

me and my cousin mim

me and my cousin mim

We had a visit from the dietician today, who has suggested we try a specialised formula milk, which will have to be introduced slowly, so that is going to be another thing to juggle in our already hectic life.  All I can say is watch this space. Never mind, it’s back to work tomorrow for me