Just around the corner…..

Just over a month ago I posted that out of nowhere Jude seemed to be turning a corner – and he’s still there, frantically trying to avoid any understeer and staying on track.

Day by day it is difficult to recognise the changes, most of the time we just make him smile – that’s still great. He’s eating better, he’ll have three meals a day. He will go in his pushchair, even fall asleep in it. He will travel in his car seat – this is a really significant development, we can travel again without ending the journey emotionally shattered. His digestive issues seem to have subsided, not gone but nowhere near as bad. Rather than look after him, we play with him. He likes looking a himself in the mirror, gets that from me.

We still don’t really know what is going on inside his head but whatever is going on, we aren’t living with it – it stays in the background.

These times make up for the ‘other days’, and some.

For some reason I have spent the last hour watching teleshopping – the remote is too far away. I’m feeling very tempted by the H2O mop and the 80s music explosion. Not so keen on the huggable hangers though.

A Happy Day

Yesterday was a happy day, a very happy day.  Jude celebrated his 1st birthday, surrounded by his friends and family. Anyone who knows me, knows my thrown together parties. I’d told people “I won’t do much, just crisps and nibbles” Well, it was a special day and I couldn’t let it pass without some celebration. Lots of food was had by all and some drink too, even if we were running short on glasses.  Jude particularly enjoyed his birthday cake – a chocolate cheeky monkey cake chosen by his brothers.  Much fun was had by all, and it was wonderful to have so many friends around us.  Friends and family know that they are welcome at any time, they just have to take us as they find us, we don’t stand to attention in our house. 

I think I want to say “thank you” to my ace boys for being great, thank you to my family and friends and most of all thank you to Ian for being there.  Couldn’t have done it without you.  Much love xxxx

Very Nearly….


It’s Jude’s 1st birthday tomorrow, and I really cannot believe it.  People say: “Really he’s never going to be 1, that’s flown hasn’t it?” mmmm find that one hard to answer, as I can quite honestly say, I have never experienced a year like this last one.  I could give it many many descriptions, such as rollercoaster, unbelieveable, draining, rewarding, trying.  I could go on, however the main point to remember is: We are ALL still standing, together as a family.  A family that I am very very proud to be part of.  And I know that I am lucky to have three (or should I say 4) wonderful boys.  Lets just hope that this next year is slightly less eventful. 

I took a video of Jude the other night, apologies to all for my dreadful voice on it.  But I hope everyone who looks at it gets to see my special little man smiling and cooing.

Jude’s First Post

It’s 3am on a Sunday morning and Jude is very awake – so I’ve decided to let him loose on the keyboard. So Jude, its all yours………….

gjhkjuyfrsgvkggterjnn  hhrrff bvtfcv  b b b n nrdsf

Not entirely sure what he typed but I’m sure the sentiment is there for all to see. 🙂

Now go to sleep.


Well Ian said he would nickname Jude ‘Slug’ last week, a little unfair I think, but at the same time quite funny.  Jude has started to enjoy spending a lot of time on his front on the carpet.  He definitely wants to crawl and we think he is trying to dig a hole in our carpet with his legs feet and knees.  His arms are going to take a bit of catching up, so at the moment he moves around in a circle (clockwise) occasionally pushing himself up and as he’s teething dribbles a lot! So whilst moving slowly on the ground leaves a trail behind him – hence the nickname ‘Slug’.

Jude started his new medication just over a week ago, and we are still at the stage of increasing this.  I personally haven’t witnessed any of his full body jumps recently, I still see the occasional twitch.  But that said, Jude seems so much happier within himself.  Ian and I just wish he’d sleep – at night.

At the beginning of December, we are going to Brainwave for two days.  Nathan and Joseph are so excited about our trip, mainly because they both get to go in the Hydra Therapy pool with him and that we are catching the train the Bridgewater.

This afternoon we are being lent a pushchair for a week, too see if Jude tolerates it.  I am quite excited as we will finally be able to go out with him. Updates and probably pictures will be posted soon.