Catching up

It’s been a couple of weeks since the last post and it hasn’t been all quiet on the Jude front. The good news is that Jude is still happy, still smiling and maintaining steady progress. We have had a grant for a new car seat which was agreed by a local charity inside 48 hours and when we suggested that with Jude’s improvement we might not need the more expensive car seat they said they really wanted Jude to have the seat and increased their grant!!

On Wednesday afternoon we drive down to the Brainwave Centre for Jude’s 2 day assessment – Nathan and Jude are coming too and we’re really looking forward to it.  The fact that we feel confident enough to drive down is a sign of a significant shift in our lives – in recent months we haven’t even been able to go down town without causing Jude real discomfort. Now he takes to his car seat and his pushchair without any problems. We should also be getting a new pushchair and high seat in the next few weeks too.

But, Jude is having more and more seizures. We are still waiting for the results of his EEG so we don’t now whether this is a return on his IS or a development of the generalised seizures that were on his last EEG results. What is different this time is that when Jude’s IS has returned in the past he effectively shut down and regressed but that hasn’t happened this time – at least nothing that we notice.

Seems even the good times come with a sting in the tail…..


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