Christmas Wishes……… Belated

Well Christmas was a lovely time, busy but lovely.  We had my parents over for Christmas Day and lunch went well, Ian even commented it was the most relaxed lunch preparation ever!  Jude even sat in his high chair at lunch time (Please note to all who know us – the customary jar of egg custard on the table!)


Jude hadn’t been too well before I chest infection but was starting to recover.  Much fun and food was had by all.  I retreated to the sofa for a sleep whilst Doctor Who was on and then, off we all went to Granny Elaine’s house for Christmas night.  I was so lovely to go back to Granny Elaine’s as she had been away in Ghana for two years.  Anyway as I’d been suffering from a cold (along with the rest of the country) I left by about 10.50 with Joe and Jude and finished the night having a Christmas cuddle in my bed with Nath Joe and Jude.


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