On the up

Jude seems to be getting better each day.  He finished his antibiotics on Wednesday and will finish his diazepam on Wednesday next week.  That day however, his nitrazepam will increase.  So we will just have to see how things go with that.  He now seems back in his old routine of eating, oh and enjoying waking up for a hour or so in the night to have a little chat to himself.

On Wednesday 7th when he was in hospital we took delivery of his new car seat.  It is absolutely brilliant, although Ian and I are having to get used to strapping Jude in, this can sometimes take a little while but we’ll get there.  Anyway Jude is now a fully fledged traveller, car journeys are no longer a trial, they are fine actually they are great.  At the weekend Jude visited his Aunty Helen’s house for the first time.  This was an event I was very excited about as he had been unable to travel before, and I think anyone I have told about today hasn’t really realised the importance of this visit to me.  We had a lovely afternoon, so if you are reading this Helen, thank you x


2 thoughts on “On the up

  1. Hi Rach, lovely to hear things are going well I know how much the ability to get out in the car without that obvious distress to Jude means to you all ,it must feel like a new lease of life. Must book up that Sunday lunch in Longdon I promised soon. All our love Kirsty and the boys xxx

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