Oh Jude

Well all I would really like is a bit of a good run…… just when we think we have it, something is thrown at us. Today Ian and I felt we had to intervene. Jude has had his ng tube put back in this afternoon. The new medication for his saliva didn’t seem to suit him. It is as though he can’t manage his thick saliva at all. He hasn’t been feeding (fluids) properly and this has had consequences – of the toilet variety. Well we had to help him today, so hopefully that should make him feel a little better.

2 thoughts on “Oh Jude

  1. just keep going, we’re all behind you – in spirit if not in body! lots of love, you can do this. kisses to the marrey boys!

  2. the decision making is sometimes the hardest part… But I’ve always been told when made with love it’s always the right thing…I’m clinging to that!


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