…and out again

24 hours is long enough in hospital and I think the consultant’s decision to discharge Jude when I looked at her in horror at the suggestion of a further night in hospital was the right one.  If only I always had such power.

He is much better, on antibiotics again as well as a nebuliser (6-7 times a day), completely tube feb and any medication reductions on hold.

The tube feeding is a challenge. The dietician says that at his age Jude should be on 6 200mls bottles of milk a day…..but don’t feed him overnight. 6 bottles in 14 hours just isn’t possible. Still, the tube means the 45 minute medication session has been reduced to just over 5 minutes.

But he’s better and that’s what it’s all about……


2 thoughts on “…and out again

  1. Sorry to hear that the little guy has had such a hard time as of late.I am sorry also that I have been a bit absent as well.Life as you know, has been … challenging to say the least.Thank you for checking in and keeping Miss Zoey close in thought and for sending all your well wishes …. it has meant so much to us.Think of you all often and hoping Jude settles in and continues to feel better and make forward progress.

    Love form across the ocean.

  2. I wonder if my “horrified” look’ll work? I’ll have to give it a go…

    I’m happy to hear you’re home…and that things are moving in a happier direction.



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