My Boy

I haven’t really been around much lately to write anything on Jude’s blog. When I get back home I usually end up falling straight asleep. tonight I’m making the effort to write something.

The last few days have been trying to say the least. Jude has been well and truly through the mill, I just hope he’ll come through the other side smiling and cooing in his usual manner.

I think I just really want to say thank you to everyone who has given us support this week. Fingers crossed Jude will be home very soon. Rachel.x


3 thoughts on “My Boy

  1. Thinking of you all. The Marrey family are inspirational. Your love, unity and strength as a family unit jump out of the pages of this blog. You are all that Jude needs to be the best he can be and I have no doubt he will be in the long run x

  2. The nurse yesterday was trying to get info on who and how we are all related to Jude- we came to the decision that he is community property! We are all with him always and for you and Ian too. Don’t ever forget that- a little one with so much love coming his way can’t do anything but well in the end. Love always beautiful Jude, Aunty Su, Uncle Pete, Amy and Katiexxxx

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