Not the best day

Jude had another ‘not breathing’ episode in the early hours and was then quite unsettled.  When the day staff came on this morning Jude’s new nurse (who we hadn’t met before) was on a mission. I could hear her talking in the background about getting Jude moved somewhere – turns out she wanted him on the High Dependency Unit and she got that sorted.

Just before midday Jude was transferred to the HDU and within about 5 seconds of being handed over he went again but this time he meant it and went into respiratory arrest. Rachel and me were ushered out after about 3 minutes when it became clear that the situation had deteriorated and the crash team had been called. By this time they had already ‘bagged him’ (oxygen and mask) as Jude had not taken a breath himself for a while.

Thankfully with a little other intervention they got him going again and then drugged him up with painkillers and a benzodiazepine to knock him out – 9 hours later and he still hasn’t roused.

Respiratory arrest is scary and I never want to witness that again and it was lucky we were in hospital……but it is manageable and in HDU Jude is in very good hands. He is in the Children’s Hospital where Joseph had his heart operation and the one thing we know is that they won’t rest now until they have worked out what is going on. As the doctor said, we won’t be going home until it is safe.

His heart rate is all over the place – from 50 to 200 without there being any outward change. They’re going to look into that – they think it might be a pain related seizure but until they look into it they won’t know for sure. His reflux also seems to have worsened, a very probably cause of his increased pain. They are going to do a contrast x-ray to see the stte of play with that and it might require another operation to lessen that particular evil.

So much for a routine operation to insert a feeding tube………….


2 thoughts on “Not the best day

  1. I am so sorry. Jude is in my prayers. Random note: when my daughter was in the hospital recovering from sepsis, her heart rate was all over the place. There was no outward sign of a seizure for us then either, but they blamed it on “possible seizure activity”. She had just been weaned off a ventilator and had been on high doses of Ativan. The docs seemed to think that was why they saw vitals changes consistent with seizure activity without actually seeing a seizure.

    Thinking of your family!

  2. Although I read the log all the time, I haven’t added a comment before.
    I love Jude very much, as I do my other five grandchildren. Helping to care for Jude has, I think, made me a better person and I am full of admiration for the courage and care my son Ian and daughter-in-law Rachel have shown in facing the challenges of his life.
    Jude I will see you tonight – all my love

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