Twitter-ing Jude

“To Twitter” is on course to enter the collective vocabulary – the act of describing what you are doing at any given time.  Jude, a child of the 21st Century, is now twittering here

For those of you who ‘Twitter’ – hopefully I will remember to update it every now and then.

As to the man himself – 3 big respiratory problems last night – all resolved. The last one was 6am (another couple around 2am) and he’s been sleeping ever since. He looks so peaceful asleep, it’s difficult to imagine that there has been so much drama.

He had an xray of his abdomen this morning which showed that his feeding tube was all in the right place, there was a little constipation (nothing new there Jude). They are going to do a chest x-ray to check there is no chest infection.

There’s a little baby in HDU, 7 month old Louis. I was listening in yesterday to his mom talking and it sounded like Louis and Jude were doing very similar things – prolonged breath holding episodes. I had a chat with Mom this morning and she was saying that Louis and Jude were behaving themselves in that they didn’t both go together. 7 month old Louis has been in hospital for 5 months now and won’t be going home until the reasons for these episodes have been discovered. That sent a shiver through me…..

We have a room at the hospital which offers us a little more comfort should this be a prolonged stay but I still hope this is a reaction to recent events rather than the start of something new. It appears that these episodes are pain related – and they have increased his pain medication, maybe without pain he will be better.

The neurologist gave us a brief update on Jude’s EEG – not good but not something he wants to deal with at the moment. Just wondering whether I should google what he told me or just let it rest for a while…………….

……….I’ll probably google.

*edit: I googled..perhaps I shouldn’t have done that. 😦


5 thoughts on “Twitter-ing Jude

  1. Wouldn’t be you dear brother if you hadn’t googled it. Try and deal with just ten things at a time. Thinking of you all, all of the time. With love.

  2. Hi Rach/Ian, hang on in there, Jude is getting world class care at the Childrens, you are in our thoughts always, I worry about you, love you all and wish I could do more for you every day.
    I know you are so very strong and just THE BEST Mom and Dad the boys could ever wish for. You will find your way through all this adversity I know you can. Love & little kisses to sleeping beauty and big hugs to you guys & his big brothers xxx K & family.

  3. Well,my sweet faraway family and the very sweetest sorry to come and find that Jude continues to have a rough go of it.I pray that things turn around for the better just as quickly as they headed in this most unexpected way.Such a little love that so does not deserve any harder of a road.”Keep Calm and Carry On”,one of our favorite mantra’s around here.Even have a few posters hanging to remind us from time to time.Infact,the little one and I have t-shirts coming from across the pond anyday now with this very reminder!So tonight I send prayers of peace and strength and calmness your way.

    Until next time,Heather and Zoey (and PLEASE don’t google anymore!!!)

  4. I second the ‘no more googling’ idea from Zoey’s mom! But I also know that Ian will still do it! Just wanted to say the twitter idea is a great one.. up to date info on our lovely little Jude is what we all crave and I know it can be hard for you both to go over and over it again in endless amounts of phonecalls. Good to see Jude had a better night last night..give him a gentle squeeze of the hand from me today xx
    ps His big cousins all send their love too xxx

  5. Why do we do that to ourselves?! I do the same. Even after a doctor looked me in the eye and made me promise not to google.

    Ian…Rachel…there aren’t any words to offer. You have my prayers…

    Squeeze your little man tight for me.


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