After a decent-ish night where Jude had just the one episode of breath holding her has had 4 or 5 already this morning 2 of which required the intervention of the crash team.

Having seen it a few times now it is a little less distressing – for me if not Jude – and I can see that the readings on his monitor mean he is in an OK state even if he isn’t breathing for himself. His oxygen levels and heart rate are maintained and somewhere between2 and 4 minutes he picks up and starts to breath again.

He is in safe hands at the moment and while it is far from ideal Jude is being looked after magnificently. Unfortunately the smallest thing can set him off which means we are all a little bit worried about handling him too much, even changing his nappy can be too much for him! Still no poo though which I think has amazed some of the staff given the amount of laxatives he’s had.


4 thoughts on “Oh!

  1. Boy doesn’t need laxatives to get him going, boy needs explosives. I’ll whip some up at work if you think it’ll help!

  2. Not a good time for me to be away, I wish I could be around to do something useful. We all feel so helpless. Love to you all, hope to see you before I go to Iona xxx

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