Jude on Film

I arrived on the ward at 8am today.  Jude was asleep, but soon woke in a happy mood.  I was quite taken aback how different he was.  I was talking to him and he was listening to me and even trying to respond.  I quickly whipped out my phone and took a short video of the little man (please anyone who looks at this excuse my dreadful voice, Dudley lass through and through).  I wondered if Jude was lulling me into a false sense of security again.  He has had a couple of episodes today but when awake does seem a little more responsive.  Long may this continue……. and Jude, for goodness sake, go to the toilet. Love Mummy xxxxxxxx


2 thoughts on “Jude on Film

  1. An awake Jude!!! Yay!! This made me smile alot Ray! So glad you got a cuddle today and Jude’s doing bit better! All my love xxxx
    (funnily enough he slept through all my singing yesterday!!- lucky him!!… Not so lucky nurses!!) xx

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