Looking up?


Mommy says I’m looking a lot better this morning so I thought I’d say hello to everyone and say thank you for your thoughts and prayers over the last few days.


4 thoughts on “Looking up?

  1. Thanks for sharing this, Jude really is a gorgeous little man. These lovely moments are to be cherished and he really is in a brilliant hospital, this aside it must be hard going for you all and I admire and recognise personally, the dark days and the joyous ones. that you go through.
    Talking of toilet issues, Jack my nephew was very poorly recently with constipation, not been for 12 days and like Jude nothing seemed to shift it. After dose after dose of industrial strength laxatives we couldnt believe how it was still in there and then things finally moved. TMI I know but my brother described it as a chocolate fountain!! eeeuughh! I am delighted because Jack at the age of 8 can now say my name. This is the baby that they said would not ever be able to communicate, he does superbly in his own way and he certainly gets his point across. Never give up Marrey family.

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