I love my boys unconditionally…but

What they give in return is questionable.

Nathan and Joe came up to see their brother tonight and Mommy took them downstairs to the playground in the hospital. I was feeling brave and Jude was looking chilled so I decided it was my time to have a cuddle. Sure enough, he was happy to be picked up and for the next 30 minutes I chatted with him and sang to him and fell asleep in the chair with him (he didn’t think the last one was as much fun).

When Rachel came back I asked her to check his nappy – there’d been a bit of movement and there was a faint aroma.

“Oh!” said Rachel. “He’s gone?” says I.

At which point the nurse pops her head in to have a look and laughs, explaining that she doesn’t think she should get involved in this one.

I am still ignorant and then Rachel explains that Jude’s nappy has leaked. Everywhere.

It’s all down my trousers. It’s all over the chair that I’m sitting on. It’s all up his back.

And he’s been on so much laxatives……..use your imagination.

Love you Jude but your presents really aren’t up to scratch.


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