Let’s Walk

Today again has been a good day, Jude has continued to smile and coo and communicate. He has had a bed bath this morning and then a massage with cream to soften his skin (far too many sticky tabs and plasters this week). I arrived with Nath and Joe (who is now known by the nurses as: that surfer dude boy who keeps some of the patients quiet) Jude was dressed and being cuddled. It was not long before the nurse asked if we wanted to take him out. So off we went with an Oxygen cylinder, mask and a bag of medical stuff for a stroll in the hospital and the play area. If someone had told me on Thursday that I’d be doing this, I would not have believed them.

Tomorrow brings more tests and talks about drugs and the inevitable results of Jude’s EEG. Wish me luck……

Anyway I’m a very happy lady tonight. I have a fab picture of Jude on my phone but need Ian’s help to get it onto the blog.


4 thoughts on “Let’s Walk

  1. awww…surfer boys are the best! I know the waiting til’ the talks is hard on the heart…wishing you luck Rachel! And lots more smiles & coo-ing!



  2. Rach, lovely to hear he is doing so well, keep it going Jude, thinking of you lots, all our love The Powells xx

  3. Hi Rach / Ian

    thinking of you all, glad Jude is doing better, hope he gets well soon.

    love from Alan Donna & Abbie x

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