Our First Day at Home

What a day! If I were to say today has been pretty full on, I certainly wouldn’t be exaggerating. The day started with me waiting for the night feed to end (I’m not including the bit where Jude was awake from 2.30 – 7.00am). I looked at rough guide of drugs for first thing then drew them up. After the school run I decided that being a ‘list girl’ I ought to do a list with specific times for each drug. When I’d done this it was time for the next batch.

I could go on and on, but I think you get the gist of how the rest of the day panned out. I’m sat here in bed with the night feed started feeling utterly wrecked. I’ve spent the day trying to source drugs and sort out equipment.

What will tomorrow bring? Who knows.


5 thoughts on “Our First Day at Home

  1. Tomorrow will bring …. a new day and you will face that the way you did today,one foot in front of the other until you collapse again tomorrow night.Better days ahead I am sure.

    Until next time,Heather and Zoey

  2. You were doing a wonderful job under trying circumstances taking care of the needs of all three of your boys (and probably the older, substantially less cute one when he got home as well)

  3. You do a great job..both of you.. can never say it enough.. and Mim still thinks you do things like a real mom would do (as opposed to the fake one she got lumbered with! lol )

  4. I try very hard to be a list girl…but I’m afraid I’m a mess at it!

    Here’s to hoping that tomorrow brings more smiles…and coo-ing!



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