Today we received a letter from Birmingham Childrens Hospital about Jude’s admission to start his treatment of ACTH. It felt more like a prison sentence when I opened the letter. That said it has done it’s job for Jude before, however nasty the side effects.

We’ve only just got off what feels like a particularly horrid fairground ride when we are being ushered onto another one so soon.


2 thoughts on “Confirmation

  1. Damn roller coasters.Feels more like one of those stomach lurching, free fall things,more than anything,I am sure.I KNOW you are dreading the “stuff”.I KNOW what it did to him.I remember.I do also remember it helped.Praying this go around it is yields the same end result with less of the uglies.Wishing it wasn’t necessary but it’s got to be done.Only those who have seen the ill effects can feel your pain and we hurt along with you.With your little guy.Sending all our love across the miles.

    Until next time,Heather and Zoey

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