I received a call today, it was from a secretary to say she had a prescription for the two drugs we’ve been trying to get. I was at the time at sports day, I nearly jumped in the air with excitement and just kept saying thank you to her.

Later I received a call from the pharmacy department at our hospital to say that these would take around a week and querying the one drug being in tablet not liquid form. Needless to say my earlier excitement dissapeared and now I’m not sure when we’ll get these drugs, if they’ll be in the right form and if I’ll run out of drugs before this new batch are ready.

This coupled with me receiving my monthly stock order of tubes and bottles etc. finding out three new sizes of syringes I’d pretty much pleaded for had been delivered, but I’d only been given 4 of each size. At that point I decided that I couldn’t take any more and closed the book on it for today. I’ll start again afresh on it tomorrow.

Talking of tomorrow, it’s Ian and mine’s 13th wedding anniversary, and as I didn’t get a chance to sort anything out with everything that is going on so ……..

HAPPY WEDDING ANNIVERSARY IAN, all my love, Fahy xxxxxxxx


One thought on “Excitement

  1. Happy Anniversary you two.You make a fabulous team and on this journey,that is exactly what you need to be,united.Hope you sort out the supplies and prescription issues.That stuff is never fun.Hope Jude and you all are finding your way.

    Until next time,Heather and Zoey

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