24 hours later…..

I left Jude sleeping in Intensive Care last night and made my bed in Ward 9 upstairs wondering what the night would bring. I woke up at 7am so assumed it had been fairly straightforward on ICU.

And it had.

Yes, a few little unhappy moments but nothing significant although they had knocked him out in the early hours.

I take my place by the side of his bed in ICU and wait.

At about 10.30 there are the first signs of consciousness from the little man. Not much and we leave him alone for fear of the consequences. Over the nxt hour he roused some more and I started to clean his mouth with water on a sponge and he’s lapping it up literally. By about 11.30 he is properly awake…..and he’s different. Where last night it was just pain, it seemed to have gone and Jude is back with us again.

They did have to try and reinsert the naso gastric tube again and that didn’t go down well – another breathing episode – but left alone he was fine.

Fingers crossed he has turned the corner and we can start to look forward again.


2 thoughts on “24 hours later…..

  1. I’ve been following closely,as I can’t use my mobile. Whata relief to have better news. I wouldlike to say he was on my mind every minute of relaxing at the spa with Josephie, but he was certainly here for some of the time!
    Love, Elaine

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