Happy Birthday J-Jax

Today was Joe’s birthday. This year it was going to be a little different, no party at ours as Jude wouldn’t be able to participate. We decided a family meal then birthday cake on the ward.

Jude was moved today from intensive care to hdu, he has mostly behaved only having handful of episodes today. After tea we went back to see Jude(aunty su stayed with him while we went out) anyway the nurses helped us sing happy birthday to joe with imaginary lit candles (the candles were there we just didn’t want to set off the fire alarms). Joe blew out his pretend lit candles and thought it was fun, so much so he said he thought it was the best bit. When we were walking back to the lift Nath commented on the fact that this year’s birthday had been different, Joe replied “yes but it’s been really fun”. (photo’s to follow)

I really love my boys, all four of them 🙂


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