Wish Us Luck

Well it’s 5.40 am and I’m awake with the little man, yes it’s the day we have all been dreading. So much so that I didn’t even start sorting out Jude’s bag for hospital last night, suppose that would have been admitting we were going in today.

We had a lovely day at Acorns Childrens Hospice yesterday, you see if I was Ian I would have Acorns in orange with a link to their site and would have downloaded the photographs taken, sadley I am not so the photos will have to wait. I may (in Ian’s words) be tecky girl (I’ve been kitted out with lots of new things) but now I have to learn how to use it all!

A little mention to Nath, it’s his last week at primary school 😦

I hope this week is a happy one for you Nay, and that Oliver is a success – love Mom xx


Inserted a link to the Hospice above – me and the boys had much fun banging drums, playing the guitar yesterday and Rachel joined in on the harp….

Unfortunately, Rachel turned up at the hospital this morning to find out they didn’t have a bed for Jude. Despite the fact that they had phoned on Friday to confirm he was coming in and Rachel also phoning them his morning because we were running late. Rachel’s been told that Jude will get the next available bed today. Here’s hoping someone gets better quickly and goes home!

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