Welcome Back

Well I think it’s safe to say that we are back home…… I was telling everyone on Wednesday early evening “Yes we are home, no more hospitals”……..  Jude I think had some withdrawal simptoms and decided he wanted to go back to Birmingham.  At about 10.30pm Jude’s gastrostomy just fell out.  Aunty Lian and here family were at our house when Naomi asked “Mom, is his tube meant to look like that”? When Lian and I looked at Jude we both expressed our horror at what we saw (Can’t actually say what we said:) ) Well we had to take hime back to A&E at Birmingham to have a new tube inserted.

Since then Jude has been a little up and down, sometimes happy and a bit more of the time grumpy.  Tomorrow we reduce to six steroid tablets a day.

I hope this video shows everyone who see’s it, that our Jude is coming back to us, slowly but surely.


2 thoughts on “Welcome Back

  1. I believe we said ‘Oops’ didn’t we? lol What Rachel failed to say was that she turned into super mom/nurse and inserted a temporary tube in his little tummy one handed while talking directions from a nurse on the phone..while I just sat there going ‘oh my ..oh my… oh my’ Completely useless in an emergency me…however, Rachel is def the one to call.
    Jude was completely oblivious to all the fuss…think his only worry was when he was next gonna get fed! Like father like son I say..xx

  2. I’da been with you Aunty Lian! I’m not great with medical drama either!

    And Rachel…the vid is SO beautiful! His love for you just radiates from those gorg eyes!


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