30 Something

I’ve been 30 something for a while now, in fact in a matter of months it will be 40 something. Today, I felt it.

I played football (soccer for my American friends) and realised just how much my in an out of hospital lifestyle, poor diet and irregular excercise has had an effect.

Jude, on the other hand, appears to have more energy than he knows what to do with and with good reason I hope he will push on a bit over the next few months and gain some more mobility skills so he can get around more.

This football team is a collection of waifs and strays who have met virtually through the internet. In days gone by it would possibly have been a ‘geeks team’ but even ‘normal’ people interact socially on the net these days.

Having spent my whole life never (knowingly) meeting a family with a child like Jude one of my team mates has a young lad, a few months older than Jude, with a very similar diagnosis and very similar Jude. At Jude’s age they seem to have shared similar developmental milestones but now his young lad is up on his feet and crawling around. We’ve not really aspired much in that direction recently and it has given me renewed optimism for the future.

Unfortuately, such optimism is not in abundance when it comes to playing football…….the head is willing but the body is crying out in pain.

4 thoughts on “30 Something

  1. 40 isn’t all bad … 45 for me next month.Age and me … never mattered.I go with the old adage … your only as old as you feel.Like you,the last two years has aged me a bit .As for football/soccer,played for 14 years myself.LOVE the game.Just love it.The video below was beautiful and it does my heart good to see sweet Jude being his sweet self again.The entire Marrey family hold such a special place in my heart.Seems we began this journey about the same time and because of that,I will always ,always follow the journey,wherever it may leadsand I have great hope and ever present optimism for the bright and wonderful future that I KNOW lies ahead.

    Until next time,Heather

  2. Oh…stop complainin’ ya old fogie! 😉

    I love moments like that. We need moments like that! When we cross paths with people and know that it couldn’t be by accident. I’m sure the other daddy went away feeling the same…

    Much more that I want to say…but I’m sick. And cranky.

    But listen…I have an 8 year old around the house who hates the thought of playing soccer. Can I ship him your way…so you can teach him that most of the world LOVES the game?!

  3. Hi Ian

    I will still get to the Four O (just) before you and having the twins at 37 has definately kept me fit running around after them (without the ball). We have a half acre football pitch with net here so looking forward to fixing up your visit again very soon after all we do have a football team between us and I am sure Jude will be a player in the near future, Sam even has a Wolves top, take care of yourself, love to all Kirsty xx

  4. If you don’t see the wee man every day there always seems to be new positives even during the trials of th last couple of months. These figurative steps may be small but they breed hope that one day we might see actual steps.
    P.S I remind you (with relish) that I am two years your junior, however, I spent a few hours playing beach cricket on saturday and now even hair and fingernail growth is proving painful so you’re in better shape than me!

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