Quiet week

Not much with Jude this week. The Vigabatrin appears to have made no difference to his seizures but he’s been in a great mood. He’s been provided with a ‘stander’……


….which he is not so sure about yet 🙂

His head and trunk control is still very poor. There’s a picture of Jude from last year on the header at the top of the blog which shows where he was in terms of head control but he’s had a rough year being in and out of hospital for various things since January his development opportunities have been curtailed.

He’s a big lad too….13kg. It’s getting to the point where he can’t be carried like a baby anymore, the various aches and pains we are carrying are a testament to that. An assessment is going to be done soon to look at grants to help make changes to the house – there is talk about a ‘Jude flat’ downstairs. With all his stuff we need some extra space.

We visited a nursery last week and Jude will be going for a couple of sessions a week and will have his own dedicated carer for the time he’s there. Jude’s friend Alfie already goes there and they have a nice little sensory room.

We will be going over to Ireland in a few weeks to stay with family. Me, Nathan and Joe will be driving and taking the boat (and the Jude stuff) across the Irish Sea, Rachel and Jude will fly over. The sea might be rough says Rachel. Ha.

A few weeks back we had a holiday in Wales staying at my brother and sister in laws place.


The boys, including me, are big Doctor Who fans and this picture is the (supposedly) fictional entrance to Torchwood in Cardiff. More pictures here. You can see me, Rachel and Jude in the picture too.


Joe (with lollipop?), Nathan and Dad

200820091458 200820091460

Jude looking across Cardiff Bay

220820091558 220820091557

Rachel and the boys have a ‘thing’ for VW Campervans – a little game they have where they shout out ‘Campervan’ everytime they see one. Imagine their joy on a day out in Porthcawl when there was a 15 minute procession of them through the hight street.

210820091511 210820091510


These were taken at the National Showcaves Centre – Dan-yr-Ogof

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