Promising Signs

Last time I posted I was bemoaning Jude’s lack of development, indeed his regression, over the past 12 months. Well, perhaps I should post more like that – in the last week Jude has shown some signs of regaining some of that head control and a few other things too.

We are trying to get him to spend more time on his tummy and there are definite signs that he’s working hard at lifting his head up and trying to roll himself over. Still some way to go but he’s trying.

He is also starting to show some interest in putting food in his mouth. We put food in his hand and it gets to his mouth or thereabouts – hopefully he will start to make the link between his hand, the food and his mouth.

Unfortunately, he also has a pretty bad cold which isn’t helping him but when he’s good he’s very good at the moment.

In other areas of family life, I broke the little finger of my eldest son playing football and then convinced him it would be fine, just a bruise. How come when he tells me not to feel guilty it just makes it worse 🙂

2 thoughts on “Promising Signs

  1. Get well soon Nathan’s little finger clumsy Daddy shame on you! hope Jude’s cold clears up asap, lots of love from the Powells xx

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