Brainwave and all that….

Last week we had Jude’s assessment at Brainwave and it’s been about a year since he first went there. At that time Jude was probably just turning his first corner after months and months of constant distress – there was a time when we couldn’t put him in a car seat without an endless scream. Travelling the couple of hours to Brainwave was one of out first relatively stressful car journeys we had taken with him.

Those couple of days at Brainwave really gave us cause for optimism – we probably still hadn’t come to terms with all the consequences of Jude’s diagnosis but whatever was to come it seemed that we had some control over the outcome.

Shame the following 12 months were such a struggle for Jude.

So we roll up a year later hopefully having turned another corner.

We’re going to concentrate on working Jude’s core strength for a while – neck, stomach, back – the muscles that will help move him towards crawling, sitting up and maybe (maybe) standing and walking. The exercise programme that he has works him hard but the physio says he is definitely using his muscles and he gets into a real sweat putting the effort in but it’s great to see him pushing himself up again.

He is also more symmetrical than he was and while still slightly dominant to the right it is not as marked as it was and his legs don’t cross over any more which I think is an indicator that his tone has improved.

We are learning more about Jude’s diagnosis and its consequences and quite probably there will be more twists and turns along the way. Next week he is having an MRI at the Children’s Hospital – that means more information is coming our way. I don’t like information, it always seems to be presented in the ‘worst case scenario’ type of way….I rarely even google any more.


One thought on “Brainwave and all that….

  1. Rarely google? Is this really Ian posting this blog?! Mind you I bet your rarely is everyone else’s usual amount of googling!!
    Yey for Jude though! He is definitely a little (or not so little anymore!!) fighter. xxxx

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