Today nearly didn’t happen…… with me at the helm sorting out letters and information there was bound to be a hitch or two along the way. The first hitch was when Ian picked up the letter this morning and shouted me to stop the feed, at 8am….. This should have been stopped at 6.40am in order that the sedation could be given.  Also the drugs should have also been given at that time.  The second hitch was when I closely read the whole letter I realised I should have telephoned a week prior to the appointment to confirm our attendance.  I had no option but to get in the car and start to drive to Birmingham not knowing if the appointment was still on.

When I spoke with the ward it was confirmed that the scan could not go ahead as Jude could not be sedated.  I asked if I could come and wait for a cancellation, I was advised against this, well you know me I did anyway.  Enough of the mistakes anyhow, the scan: Jude was sedated at 12.30pm giving plenty of time for feed to go down etc.  The scan started at just before 2pm, I have been with Jude before for his mri so knew what to expect.  Jude lay there motionless (obviously something to do with the whacking drugs he’d ben given).  I sat there close by, mind wandering while the scan was taking place. How sad am I? I started counting the ‘bangs’ as I call them (this evening Ian assured me they weren’t called bangs, but  that’s the name I gave them).

One section had 960 bangs! I couldn’t believe it. Another around 300, after this I got bored of counting and just looked at my little boy inside a huge machine with all of this noise going on around him. The scan finished and we went back to the ward. After about an hour the nurses said I should try and wake him (ha ha) Jude had other ideas and was positively sure he was not going to move a single muscle.  The day case unit closes at 6pm and at 5.30 Jude was still no closer to waking up, his sats kept dropping and blood pressure in his boots.  I was informed that he’d be transferred to the day case unit on the first floor who were open until 8.30pm.  If Jude hadn’t stirred by 8.00pm we would have to be admitted! Jude just never does things by halves does he?

Eventually after much poking and prodding we roused him, managed to give him some fluids and 50ml of milk.  After this his bm raised from 3.9 to over 6 and his blood pressure rose to a more acceptable figure.  We arrived home tonight just before 9pm exhausted. And Jude? yep, he’s asleep.


This picture was taken just before we gave him his sedation. I know I’m his mom, but I think he looks gorgeous.  All we have to do now is wait, actually no it’s not all we have to do, we have to prepare ourselves for what the scan will tell us about Jude and I for one am not looking forward to that day.  Anyone want to swap with me that day???? Only joking.

Talking of pictures, if you haven’t visited Trevor’s blog lately and want to see an unbelievably brave little boy, take a look. He and his family have amazing courage and strength.


5 thoughts on “MRI Day

  1. I didn’t shout….way too early in the morning to be shouting. And yes, the boy is gorgeous. I’m told he is the spit of his father. Good things never fall far from the tree.

  2. Funny…I was just thinking he looks SO much like his mommy! He is beautiful!

    I know how exhausting (and scary) days like that can be…hope your hubs gives you lots of pampering to recoop from it!



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