Interesting Day

Me and Rachel moved into our home in 1996 and to be honest our mortgage is pretty low compared to many on the house buying ladder at the moment. We have many memories here, raised our family here and we have never seriously considered moving. Until today.

Jude’s needs mean that there will need to be significant adaptations made to our home. He will need a downstairs room, with on suite. There will need to be provision for one of us to sleep with him if required. Then there is all his ‘stuff’ which is steadily increasing – various chairs, standers,  therapy aids and in the future maybe wheelchairs, lifts and hoists…..

Today was our first visit from the people who pay for these sorts of things – a grant of upto £30 000 is available to make the sort of alterations that Jude would need. After having a look around the house it began to become clear that our home might just not be suitable for the type of adaptation Jude will need. We are in a semi-detached and the un-detached side of our house is not parallel to  next door which means there isn’t the room to build sideways and if we can’t build sideways we can’t build up either. Building backwards or forwards poses problems too and for the first time we are considering the possibility of moving.

Today could have been quite significant.


5 thoughts on “Interesting Day

  1. This is where we are at.

    We have been contemplating moving for a while now. However, with the future so unknown for Emma, it has played a serious roll in our house hunting.

    We’ve just signed on to buy a new construction. While we initially looked at a ranch so we wouldn’t have to carry Emma up and down stairs as she grows, we settled on a larger 2 story home. It has a room on the main floor that we can convert into a bedroom for Emma if needed. We would still need to carry her upstairs for bath time, but at least she would not have to leave the main floor very often. Our son has never known any other home. He is a little frightened at the moment about moving. We’re sure that he will get over it once he sees his new house being built.

    I hope that you are able to find a place that suits, not just Jude’s needs, but the needs of your family. Some place that you can call home.

  2. Wow. That is quite a day.

    Jonathan and I have never really put roots down anywhere. Until now. After Trevor. His unknown future as a huge factor in the house we chose.

    I can’t imagine all the emotions and such that you guys are feeling right now?!

    Do you have any ideas of where? And not to be too nosey…but it seems like you have a solid-ish support system. Try not to move too far…


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