Very Nearly

Jude is 2 tomorrow, and is this evening is in a very good mood. Earlier when we were making his cards he made a sound and it sounded just like “mom” it stopped us dead in our tracks.

It is hard to believe that we have made it through the last 2 years and there were times when I thought we never would. Jude has been well in himself for the last few months and all we want is for this to continue. When I saw the consultant about his MRI results I felt like a door was being slammed shut on us. But I know you have to look for the positives however small they may be.

We have his next operation looming plus the doctors wanting him to have the swine flu and flu jab. On top of that termoil about the house and the possibility of moving.
May 2010 be a happier year for Jude and for all the people who love him so much.


7 thoughts on “Very Nearly

  1. Just wanted to wish Jude a happy 2 for tomorrow from us and to sing to him, so… ‘Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday lovely Jude Happy Birthday to you xxxx LOL, hugs and kisses The Powells xxxx

  2. Happy birthday sweet boy.What a blessing it was to have found you all so very long ago.A blessing from across the pond I call it.We have another blessing over in Germany and you all feel like family.Jude continues to light the way for you all.As he goes,you go also and we are amazed by the strength he shows and the strength he bestows.Have a very happy celebration and you remain in our thoughts often as you continue to forge ahead with Mr.Jude at the lead.

  3. 2! Congratulations and best wishes to Jude and all of you…. see you at Christmas, if not before. xxxx Andy, Maria, Sophia and Elena

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