Today Joe had his swine flu injection, the doctors want Jude to have this too, however I just feel that Jude is well at the moment and I really dont want anything to jeopardise this.  There are so many things going on at the moment – Jude’s seizures seem to have increased and he especially gets clusters of them after he has been asleep.  We have talked about starting a seizure diary, to see if there is any pattern to it.

 We also have the whole issue of the house at the forefront of our minds.  On Thursday we have  a Grant Officer coming to do a feasibility study on our property to see if an extension is feasible.  If not we have to seriously consider moving – what does this mean ? A big upheaval and a huge cost.

Great!!!!!!!!!!!    Not.


2 thoughts on “Life!

  1. When I finally (with LOTS of reservations) took Trevy in to get his Swine shot…my neuro actually told me she was thinking why bother. Everybody has already been exposed already anyway… I think she has a point. Which is why I haven’t vaxxed the big kids yet.

    Oh and Trevy tensed his leg muscles so tightly that the needle broke right off…and a portion of the vax ended up on the outside of his leg instead of the in! haha…

    If…and I say “if” just in case you’re straddling the vaccination fence…you decide that Jude needs his vax you could ask your neuro to add Klonopin for a few days before and after as extra protection. Our neuro was doing that for some of the more fragile little ones.

    As for the house thing…ugh! Living in that kind of uncertainty is SO hard! I know…that was our life for the two years after Trev was dx!

    (((((((((((((hugs from across the waters)))))))))


  2. We got Kira her H1N1 jab two weeks ago-she seems to have tolerated it very well so far. Glad you were able to get one for Jude-they are still scarce here in California.

    If you haven’t started one yet, I highly recommend you keep a seizure diary. We track sz’s, illnesses/fevers, any non-routine medication, etc. (I used to try to track sleep and feeding too, but that got to be too much.) It helped us show our doctor that a particular antibiotic (taken twice in five months) was causing a huge spike in sz’s, so we know not to give her that antibiotic anymore. Our doctor didn’t figure it out, but we did from looking at her seizure calendar.

    I went to an office supply store and bought a planner calendar that we use only to track her medical episodes. (I use a separate calendar for our appointments, with a different color cover.) Some of those business-type planners have each hour of the day already listed on the page, which makes it easier if you need to track multiple seizures in a day. I like the month-at-a-glance so i can see the pattern over a month, but we can only do that because Kira’s seizures are less frequent these days.

    Wishing you all the best with the new house! We will be facing that decision soon as we have a 2-level house and not sure we have enough space to add on or put in a lift in the house.

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