House hunting for dummies

It’s been an interesting week. We are coming to the conclusion that we won’t be able to extend our house to accommodate Jude’s needs so we started looking at houses and low and behold the first house we went to see might just be the one. I recognised the look in Rachel’s eyes when we walked out.

It’s a big jump for us and we have had to think carefully about whether we can afford it – and we can’t, not without some fairly significant decisions being made.

So we made an offer and it was accepted so now we know how much it’s going to cost and we are working hard to get our house ready to put on the market. I say we, Rachel is off her feet with a cold, so it’s been me the last couple of days but I’m not a finisher so although I’ve binned quite a bit of clutter, the stuff I can’t decide on is now out in the open and makes the house look a right mess.

Still, the Christmas Tree is up and Fairytale of New York is relevant once again. All is well in the world. It’s Christmas……….


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