Well I may have been awake at 4.40am but I have to say it was worth it. Jude has learnt something new over the last couple of days – enjoy…….


10 thoughts on “Laughter

  1. tah t has jus brought a tear to my eye, he is such an amazin little boy and wat a joy to see him laugh, his little personality is shinin tru rach, keep up the good work u 2 continue to amaze me how good a job ur doin x x x xx

  2. He’s pretty cute, 4.40am though…wouldnt even be awake enough to find the camera let alone press the right buttons. What did you do to make him laugh? or was it your PJs?

  3. As you know I regularly look at the site but rarely post…this however deserves comment as I am sitting her trying to work with tears of happiness rolling down my cheeks, truly humbling and emotive!!

    Is it possible that the laughter is a result of achnowledgment that his father has filed away important documents in the bin knowing that his Uncle Pete will have to clear the mess up??

    The smiles are an indication of the endless love and support given to him by Ray, Ian, Nathan and Joe togehter with the selfless acts that act as an inspiration to those of us that love you all and who’s silent thoughts are never far away from the Marrey household…wherever that may be!

    Thank you for sharing this, off to find the andrex!!

  4. Oh….WOW!!! What a special time. I have seen little glimpses of smiles but this is something else.
    Can I come around and see for myself….on second thoughts, did you say 4.40 a.m.? Perhaps you could bring him in after school one evening??? Would that work? How privileged I feel to share this with you….thank you. x x x

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