It’s a Funny Old Game

The post title is an old English cliché associated with football – for our friends across the pond, not soccer…football. We invented the game, don’t mess!

Jude has been pretty rough all week and on a couple of occasions there have been murmurings about being admitted to hospital.  While I was out at work yesterday Rachel relented and took him to the children’s ward to be checked over. I was at work and on the way back got a text from Rachel to say that there were some football players visiting the ward.

Football is built on rivalries and in our house (Rachel aside) we are Wolverhampton Wanderers. Me and the boys go regularly, home and away. Our rivals are another local team West Bromwich Albion. If you’re not into football this will mean nothing to you but it’s a little bit like the Republic and the Empire in Star Wars, the Klingons and the Federation in Star Trek (The Original Series), Ross and whoever Rachel was seeing in Friends!

Imagine my horror to find that my son, yes my son, was being ‘visited’ by Albion players. Worse! They only go an print his picture in the local paper. I don’t have the heart to post the picture on the blog, if you need to know my pain you will have to visit for yourself here.

Thankfully Jude looks completely disinterested, he knows. What that bloke on the right is doing with his hand to make Rachel smile is another matter entirely.


p.s. At lease they got Jude’s name wrong which means in future I have plausible denial.


9 thoughts on “It’s a Funny Old Game

  1. I hope Rachel wasn’t slipped any mood enhanceners by that dodgy Bednar geezer. It’ll be the sunday papers next!
    Jude is in good company in one respect because I was once mistaken for a little girl at a hospital too, here’s hoping He’ll grow up to be as pretty as me.

  2. I reckon if I was Rach I’d be checking Bednar hadn’t nicked my belt.
    Also liked the gallery at the side… entertained by the idea that a good way of rewarding ‘Local Heroes’ is by having them enter a gurning competition with Mick McCarthy…

  3. And Ian you’re letting that lovely lady out on Broad Street tomorrow night with me!!! dont worry I will steer her clear of any footballers or any other admirers yeah right! …. LOL to all Kirsty xxxx

  4. made me laugh a lot- Rach looks a little embarrassed or was it just being surrounded by young fit atheletic blokes!!??
    Jude is beyond reproach- is he simply used by his mother to attract men?

  5. They’re as bad as each other Su.. remember how Ian used Jude to get the attention of the young mothers in the doctors waiting room? (Until Jude got his own back with mountains of poo??!!) Yep Ian, that one still makes me laugh lol xx

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