Back in Hospital (and annoyed)

Last Thursday Jude was sent home from hospital after a chest x-ray suggested he was not in any danger unfortunately he deteriorated over the weekend and yesterday (Monday) we took him back in and he’s been on oxygen, IV antibiotics and inhalers.

This morning, during the ward round, the doctor took him off regular inhaler, switched to oral (tube fed) antibiotics and suggested that a throat infection was his problem. Later, his consultant asks me whether I would want him ventilated although with the caveat it wasn’t critical at the moment. Nobody had mentioned ‘critical’ up to this point! She said that his chest sounded bad and he needed to rid himself of secretions so physios were instructed. Physio came and said she couldn’t feel anything in his chest and thought that the crackles were transmitted sound from his throat. Then another doctor reinstated IV antibiotics and inhalers again.

In less than 12 hours I had been given all sorts of mixed messages and I’ve left Rachel at the hospital now unsure and annoyed. What I do know is that Jude is a very unappy little man. Not always crying unhappy, but flat and listless and his oxygen levels drop markedly when the oxygen mask is removed. He is poorly, proper poorly. And I’m annoyed.

Grrr x 2


2 thoughts on “Back in Hospital (and annoyed)

  1. Catching up and boy there was alot of catching.Love the video.Precious.Hate that he is sick.Horrible.Hoping and praying for straight answers but mostly hoping the little man doe a quick turn around and you find your way home soon.Love to you all.

  2. Sending good thoughts your way, and hope Jude is healthy and home soon. With technology to the point it’s at, it shouldn’t be such a guessing game for “the experts” to find what’s going on. It is HORRIBLY frustrating to not know. And it’s not fair for Jude to have to go through anything more at hospital, poor little guy.

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