Nearly back home.

Jude was transferred from the High Dependency Unit at the Childrens Hospital to our local hospital this evening. We’re starting to see Jude again – the occassional smile and he was laughing in his sleep.  He is sooo much better and we feel like we got away with this one. I had a look at his X-Rays this evening and one of his lungs was almost completely white which in X-Ray terms really isn’t good.

Originally they were talking of possible ventilation and with Jude’s underlying problems this is risky, we were told more than once that getting a child like Jude off ventilation can be difficult. Thankfully it wasn’t required and I’m optimistic that we’ll have our little man back for Christmas.

It’s been a rough week made bearable by the support of family and friends. Thanks one and all.

Yesterday we managed to spend some time with Nathan and Joseph. I took the two of them to see Avatar at the IMAX – an incredible experience, great film and then in the afternoon had a walk around Birmingham’s German Market which was cold…..

Oh, and the Wolves won 2-0 to propel us to mid table half way through the season.


4 thoughts on “Nearly back home.

  1. I went to the German market too – was hoping to bag a Rudi Voeller for the mantelpiece in the spare room, and a couple of Karlheinz Rumenigges for the girls’ stockings. They had special offers on a job lot of Nina Hagens but in the end, just like you, Ian, I reckoned I’d take my chances at sale time. I ended up just having a shish kebab, washed down with a mug of gluhwein.

    Fantastic that we got the good news we were waiting for and can’t wait for my Christmas cuddle with the little guy……

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