And so onto 2010

It is New Year’s Eve and another 12 months has disappeared. It’s been a mixture of good, bad and woeful. Being back at home this past week has been great, Jude has bounced back well and is starting to show himself again. Those little signs that we cling to are coming back. Maybe he can see more than he lets on such is his apparent interest in the mirror he lies next to. Does he recognise incey wincey spider when I sing it to him? He always reacts in some way.

2010 is my 40th year. They say with age comes wisdom, I just seem to have collected a variety of aches and pains, a few inches around the waist and a fair degree of clutter. I checked in the dictionary and none of these things count as wisdom. But it is not wisdom I seek as a New Year resolution, nor a cure for my ailments…..hope is what I want from 2010, just hope.

Happy New Year. And thanks.


2 thoughts on “And so onto 2010

  1. Hope and faith.Just wrote about that tonight.We wish for you that and so much more.

    Happy to hear a glimmer of Jude is indeed returning.Strong little guy.I expected no less.

    Love from a far.

  2. I am so happy to hear Jude made it home for Christmas. We were saying prayers for him. You couldn’t have said my sentiments for 2010 better. Happy New Year to you and your family. Noah stares in his mirror too and I hope he sees what a beautiful boy I see. I hope the same for Jude.

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