7th January

Not my favourite day of the year.

Jude’s been sort of unwell – not really unwell but we’ve pretty much kept him on oxygen now for 3 or 4 days, just a little bit and he’s nowhere near where he was before Christmas and the doctor says his airways are clear. Still, been there done that and don’t fancy doing it again.

It’s been tough on Jude and his development has dropped back again – these repeated health problems have more impact on Jude’s progress than anything else, just when we see something significant it gets taken away again. All the exercises we’re meant to be doing he just won’t tolerate. It’s a real kick in the teeth.

And to top it all off, the house we wanted….looks like it’s been sold.



4 thoughts on “7th January

  1. Sorry to hear the New Year is not starting too good. If the house has gone I am sure its because there is something even better coming onto the market for you just around the corner which will be just perfect, stay positive, hope we see Jude back on better form soon
    lots of love K & family xxx

  2. Hello Marrey family, dont fret too much about the house, I really do believe houses choose you and not the other way round. The times i have set my heart on a place only to find that something much more suitable came along eventually. I am sure you will find that is the case and I hope little Jude is on the up soon. God bless.

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