MRI Report

Well I didn’t bother entering anything yesterday for a couple of reasons – one being felt a bit low and two I thought Ian may write something; and he is so more eloquent at these things.  He always seems to put in to words perfectly what I am thinking but am unable to put down on paper.

We saw Dr Philip yesterday, it was a routine appointment that had to be cancelled in December due to Jude being in Intensive Care. 

Dr Philip went through the mir report with us, he showed us the back of the brain, which is good, then the front which is ok if not a little small.  Then he showed us the left and right side of the brain which on the pictures seemed to be just dark.  He explained that there was total damage to these parts of his brain.  He also explained that it was very unusual for this sort of damage to occur on both sides and is often seen on one side but not both.  He explained that the brain had developed normally during pregnancy and the damage happened in the third trimester, and was caused by the oxygen supply to that part of the brain being starved.  That or, the possibility of the blood vessels being small short or weak.

I have long wanted Jude’s MRI explained to me in terms that I could understand and seeing the scan gave me this information.  However, seeing the information in cold black and white somehow made it real, concrete, permanent.  So yesterday for me was not that good a day for me. 

Dr Philip is very keen to try the Ketogenic diet as soon as we can, however we need the fundoplication doing ASAP as Jude is in a real bad state with reflux.

If that didn’t work (however it has a 40 – 50% success rate) there is an option to cut the chords in the brain that enable each side to ‘talk to each other’ what this would do it to stop a seizure spreading throughout the whole brain.  And I’m sure you can guess how this is done.

Also we are going to start trying some new drugs, one at a time, to see if we get any response.

Coupled with all of that information being taken on board in my own grey matter, had an email back from the owners of  the house we really loved and lost, saying that they were really sorry that they had had to accept another offer, but wished us all the best for the future.  I think that was the final straw for me.  Roll on good times, please.


4 thoughts on “MRI Report

  1. Rachel

    You know that we pray for you all. You know that, as far as we can, we are holding your hand in prayer.
    Your courage in the face of what you have to deal with is amazing. Your love for Jude is almost tangible…it is so strong. We hope that you feel held in His love.
    Come in to school when you feel the need, we are here.

    Liz and Norah………xxxx

  2. Rach

    I know the year has not started well for you all just wish I could make things better and give you a big hug you are always in our thoughts.

    I am glad you have such wonderful love, practical and emotional support from so many special friends and family closeby every day, our love to you all xxx

  3. I will never understand why nice people such as you get handed days like this. It is NOT FAIR! There is no sense in this, and it is so frustrating.

    At least though you have a doctor who is aggressive; I hope that doctor is able to help Jude get everything settled soon. Some forward momentum….

    I am relieved to hear Jude is doing a little better with his general health. He is such a sweet looking little chap and I send you all good wishes often. I hope that just as his MRI is unusual, his recovery will be unusual and miraculous also…with lots of love from across the pond, Christina

  4. Dear Rachel, Ian and Family,

    We are so sorry to hear the news. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. The report was bad but the courage and strengh you have all shown is emense and Jude is so blessed to have you all on his side. That beautiful little boy is definately a fighter and you have shown equal courage. My love and respect go out to you. Hope to see you soon with better news. xxxxx

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