The downs and the ups….

After the ‘impressive’ pre Christmas downs, Jude is definitely on the up at the moment. It’s at these times that we realise how little opportunity he’s had over the 2 and a bit years of his life to get his teeth into….life. At the moment he’s physically well, no chest infections, coping with his reflux, not in any pain – generally OK all round. He’s tolerated his exercises, finding his hands again and we’ve found him a new ‘thing’.

Jude is tube fed but I’ve noticed that he was mimicking oral feeding when he’s being tube fed now so I got him this…

It’s called a Munchkin Feeder and we put a bit of food in it and Jude gets the taste but none of the choking risk.  Available from Amazon (US) – I got Jude’s from Asda.

Still no offers on our house, and the offer we made on the one we found hasn’t been responded to. The local council say we will probably need planning permission for Jude’s extension which is a little problem as we wouldn’t want to buy only to find we couldn’t do it. We can start by getting outline planning permission which will let us know if we definitely can’t do it.


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