Well, we’d sort of found a new house. We never thought we’d find anything as nice as Poplar Road but about two weeks ago we viewed a 1930’s semi. We booked the viewing without really knowing much about the house and went with the attitude is was probably going to be too small. Wrong! It was lovely, full of character and the ground floor space is fab. (complete with log burner, a beautiful conservatory and aga in the 23ft kitchen – it was to die for)

We’ve had involvement with the council about Jude’s adaptation, they’ve been really great and given us so much help, visiting potential properties with us. They had a few queries, but ones we thought could be sorted. When I spoke again on Friday there was another question, pretty big one actually: what was the size of the front lounge? By law the council only have to provide a family with one living room. The front lounge is 16ft – pleanty big enough to use as Judes bedroom! This means they would only need to build a bathroom on the side of the house. I knew about this point but it just hadn’t occured to me when we saw the house. On top of that the boundary wall which we were intending to do the extension to is not owned by the current vendor but the neighbour. Another mine field me thinks.

What next! I cry???

On a lighter note it’s Ian’s birthday in two weeks and next weekend I am taking him away. I’m SO excited, i’m terrible, just like a big kid at Christmas.

One thought on “Argggghhhhhh!

  1. Househunting is a nightmare! I’m sorry, Rach…I’d love to be all optimistic “the right one’ll come along” but I’m pissy myself today! πŸ˜‰

    Perhaps it has something to do with my own pending birthday…unless of course Jonathan is planning some sort of get-away for us??


    It will work out. It always does. Just sometimes the living from here to there…just…well…sucks.


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