IRELAND – The Surprise 40th Birthday Bash

Well alot of people will know that we have spent this weekend in Ireland.  I can’t tell you how many people knew about this but I managed to keep it a total surprise from Ian.

Ian and I flew out on the Friday morning and I took him to Bewleys in Grafton Street for his breakfast (which was delicious) and I even went into Penneys (Ireland’s equivelant to Pri Mark) and had a little spend. 

We went to Bray on the Friday and had a lovely roast chicken dinner from my Aunty Vera (with sausage meat stuffing mmmmmmmmmm) and then went out to the pub.

Saturday we went to Balbriggan (nearly bumping into Rachel Murray at the train station!!) and had the best night ever.  Ian thought during the course of the afternoon  I was ‘doing something’ at the local pub but never suspected what was in store for him.  Having the boys in Ireland at the party was the icing on the cake for him – so a huge thank you to Trish. 

This is advice to anyone thinking of arranging a surprise party – be warned, it’s so stressful.  I was a nervous wreck on Saturday afternoon worrying  Ian would bump into someone. His best mate was in his hotel room waiting for us to leave the hotel bar so he could go and watch to football!

Well I had apologised to Ian for all the text’s i’d sent…………………….. Ian check the O2 account this afternoon, well I sent 175 International Texts on Friday and Saturday!!!!! Oops. Well, I think it was totally worth it.

Photo’s will follow, I’m sure.  Just wanted to thank everyone who helped pull this surprise off and to thank everyone who went making it such a special night for Ian. 

Mind you, it shows we are getting older.  It is Monday afternoon and Ian and I are still trying to recover, a true sign of a good party though.



4 thoughts on “IRELAND – The Surprise 40th Birthday Bash

  1. The best parties always take an age to recover from!
    It was a great night.. and I’m sure it was just ‘something in his eye’ that made them water when he realised the boys were there too.
    A fabulous night! Well done Rachel for all the manic planning etc
    Mind you, I had to laugh at the airport in Brum when I realised that the label stuck to Nathan’s back said ‘Nath’s outfit for Sat’. Now THAT is the sign of a true organiser lol xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. it was fabulous- wonderful party, lovely people- a memorable evening, seeing the marrey boys having a lovely time was just something we shall never forget. Thanks so much for inviting us Ray, you really are a star!

  3. I heard it was a great party!! Sorry I couldn’t make it, but I don’t think the girls would have enjoyed getting on a plane again just straight out of a long flight from South Africa! planning to come up to the Midlands soon, so we will catch up then and maybe have a celebratory drink for Ian?

    Happy birthday Ian
    Maria, Sophia and Elena

  4. I had an inkling there was more to the weekend than just a lashing of guinness and I still don’t know how Rachel managed to keep a straight face as I was wrong footed throughout the weekend. Even when things didn’t go right (like when I met my Uncle in the hotel foyer by accident) it only served to send me in a different direction.

    When Rachel eventually got me out of the hotel lift she managed to get lost on the way to the function room so by the time we’d wandered around for 5 minutes I knew something was going on….but even then I just assumed it was family from Ireland although I thought my brother and sister would be there too.

    I think I spent the first hour in shock and the next six hours in alcohol.

    Sooooooooooooooooo tired.

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