Unwanted Birthday Presents

So as Rachel blogged, I spent a weekend in Ireland to celebrate my birthday a week early and the scale of the event took me completely by surprise. Once I got there I was expecting a lot of family to be there – my dad had lots of brothers and sisters who had kids who have had kids so the Marrey family is fairly expanded. To see my own family and close friends there was a blessing and I think a good night was had by all.

40. The way I look at it, it’s downhill all the way and it takes less energy going downhill 🙂

But, the unwanted presents is another chest infection for Jude so he’s back on antibiotics, oxygen and inhalers as well as throwing up everywhere. And he is thoroughly miserable. And I’ve been poorly too – going downhill I am.


5 thoughts on “Unwanted Birthday Presents

  1. ‘A good night was had by all’…. understatement of the year. Absolutely banging night….. and a major thankyou is due to the Balbriggan crowd for making us so welcome. Was great to see everybody after so many years.

    Sorry to hear that the little guy is not well – our thoughts are with you and him as always

    xxx Andy

  2. I don’t know about blessing- it looked like a shock! It was a fab party Ian, you deserved it mate, and it got me and the girls to ireland for the first time!

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