Special People

I was very honoured to be invited into a primary school today with Jude. The school was St Peters in Bartley Green. Rachel (of the Murray variety) teaches there and her class were doing an assembley about caring for others. Everyone made Jude and I feel so welcome and I found the assembley very touching.

We spent a couple of hours at the school and Rachel (oops Miss Murray’s) class helped set up Jude’s feed. It was so lovely to be involved in something so positive. We talked about lots of different people’s roles in Jude’s life and how each individual helps Jude in a different way. Rachel is only a few weeks away from her mamouth 26.2 mile (London Marathon) run. I am so full of admiration for her and will be cheering her on all the way, with her little Jude fan club. You can sponsor Ray to do this run (of total madness) by visiting http://www.justgiving.com/rachelmurray-marathon. It really is very easy to do plus there’s a couple of cute pictures of Jude-ini on there.

Also for all you cake lovers in the Stourbridge area, we are doing a cake sale after 10.30am mass on Sunday ……. mmmmmmmmmmm

5 thoughts on “Special People

  1. What a beautiful friend…and how she and your family must be shaping those little hearts! Maybe one of them’ll grow up and discover a cure for us!

    Gotta say though…Murrey – Murray…confusing! 😉


  2. Alot of people get confused by the Marrey/Murray thing!! LOL! Thank you for your lovely comments.

    We raised nearly £200 at the cake sale on Sunday! Everyone was so generous. It was hard work but a lovely event. Thank you Ray and your family for all your hardwork!


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