It’s a marathon, not a sprint

It’s been a while now since I believed Jude would do anything quickly and he’s dragging his feet again getting well after his operation last Monday. It’snowhere near as bad as last year when he would stop breathing for minutes at a time but the little guy is so unahppy at the moment and being awake is a real struggle for him.

I did manage to distract him a while with some TV though…

Looks like he’ll be in for a few days yet. He’s fine one minute then the next he is screaming in pain – and he can’t tell us where it hurts, how much it hurts…..nothing. Painkillers aren’t doing a lot and I ended up sleeping with him in his bed this afternoon – at least I was sleeping.

And on the subject of marathons, how do you run just over 26 miles and look this good unless you are me???

Rachel ran the London Marathon today, finished in just under 5 hours and raising money for Brainwave. Jude loves you, thinks you are slightly crazy but says thanks…..

2 thoughts on “It’s a marathon, not a sprint

  1. I am so sorry, guys. It’s SO hard on the heart when you don’t know how to fix what’s wrong…because you can’t figure out what’s wrong. And they can’t help tell you. I hope you can feel the love that is squishing all of you in my heart right now. I hope you’re sleeping peacefully…all of you…and your dreams are filled with sweetness.

    I could do a marathon. Over the course of several days…maybe even weeks. On my hands and knees. And not looking anywhere near as good as Miss. Marathon before nor after! πŸ™‚


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