There’s stuff and there’s things….

After a weekend dip Jude has had a really nice week…but having had such a great couple of weeks, the thought that he might be going downhill and not coming back was not a pleasant thought. And it’s the sort of thought that goes round and round in your head but you don’t want to say it.

We don’t really measure Jude’s development – for most of his life he has barely ‘achieved’ beyond a new born baby level. There have been some improvements at times but there have also been some things that have not gone so well. It’s pointless trying to compare Jude with other children.

But stuff and things….

He responds to stimulus now – repeatedly. He responds to being tickled, he is starting to shown signs of anticipating what is coming next – he also throws a tantrum when he knows he doesn’t like what’s coming next. Without the reflux he has grown and developed his personality – it’s quite nice and after 2 1/2 years we might finally be getting to the stage where we can communicate with him in something more than just relieving his pain.

But head control is poor and crawling and sitting up seem a long, long way away. Always hopeful though, maybe one day.

What we want now is a decent run, some time for Jude to ‘have a go’.



Jude came home today. We are all SO pleased. Also I took a couple of pictures before we left the hospital today. It’s been a tough couple of weeks for everyone and glad we’re all still standing (just)