Jude’s first World Cup

Hi it’s Nathan, Jude’s big big brother here and it’s Jude’s first World Cup and I know it’s going to be a good one. Today we are all going to my Uncle Pete’s house to have an American styled BBQ and watch England play againts U.S.A. (My match prediction is England 3, U.S.A 1). I think this picture of Jude will get everyone in the football spirit. (This is my first ever post).


2 thoughts on “Jude’s first World Cup

  1. The photo is fab, and if I wasn’t in the world cup mood before I certainly am now…can’t wait to see you all this afternoon, hot dogs ready to go alongside me burgers on the posh BBQ…Posh TV in loungue ready to be wathced…C’MON ME BABBIES!!!! Give bothers a sloppy kiss from me…Laters Natey…Laters matey!! C’MON ME BABBIES…Breathe into paper bag…slower….thats better!!

  2. was just reading your mom’s post before this one nath and mentioned your slight teeny interest in football… then looked up page and saw that you had done a world cup post..i should have guessed (or read page from the top!) have fun a Uncle Pete’s bbq
    (ps loving your score prediction)

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