Coast to Coast Update

My friend Chris (and hus mate) have walked just over 20 miles yesterday, they got to the place they were camping for their planned evening meal food and just as they were shutting the doors, a couple of locals saw them and offered to drive them 2 miles down the hill to a pub for food. I’ve spoken to Chris’ wife who said it’s been a bit hard going as the weather hasn’t been the best. One of the locals an airline pilot gave them £10.00 sponsorship for Acorns. Chris and Andy were both very touched by their kindness and support.

They were wild camping last night the sun had been out all day so there is renewed spring in their step.

I know it’s rude but if all my friends just gave £1.00 to just giving it would help. (The link is at the top ofJude’s blog) N.B. This is where Ian would say, “yeh Fahy you’d raise about £3.00! (forever the wit).

If you can, please help. Acorns is such an amazing place and I feel so lucky to be involved with them. Thanks xxxx


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