Ketogenic Diet

Jude is back in the Children’s Hospital, looking for the magic bullet. After trying and failing with various combinations of drugs to control his seizures we are now having a go at the Ketogenic Diet.

After so many false hopes we aren’t looking for a miracle… just hoping for one. It’s a strange time in hospital – Jude is healthy and well. We’re not quite sure what to do. So far (3 days in) he is tolerating the diet, no adverse reactions noted. It will be a few days yet before his ketone levels are the right numbers and even then we may not know how effective it will be but given the success rate of the diet in hard to treat epilepsy we want to give it every chance.

There’s other news too – we may well be moving house this summer. We’ve had an offer on our house and we have had an  offer accepted on a house.

This is the rear view of the house, the extension on the left will be Jude’s room and the garden will be Rachel’s. Apparently the blue sky and whispy clouds weren’t photoshopped.

It’s getting quite important for us to move, Jude at 2 1/2 is more the size of a 4 or 5 year old and his lack of mobility is putting a strain on our middle aged bones. Later this year we should also be getting an adapted car so we can wheel his pushchair straight into the car.


3 thoughts on “Ketogenic Diet

  1. …..that garden lends itself to many many many many many bbq’s, summer parties (and football for nathan!!) Big kisses to Jude xxxx

  2. It all looks perfect keeping our fingers crossed you get both sales over the line, we will bring the burgers!! P.S can you please order the photo sunshine for the house warming, the Keto diet info sounds fastinating and really positive stuff xxx LOL Kirsty & the boys xxxxxxx

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