Signed, sort of sealed and nearly delivered.

We signed for our new house today and with any luck by the end of the week everyone will be in a position to exchange contracts and we’re planning for a 5th August move to our new home. It’s so close, we can almost touch it – and next week we go away on holiday for a week. Stay at home and pack or go on holiday? No problem, holiday it is.

Jude’s diet changed on Monday again. Ever since he started we haven’t got near the magic number of 3 for his ketones – 3 and above is the level that the diet might work, might do something to his seizures. Well tonight…..3.2. Cue minor celebrations.

But that wasn’t the big news tonight. On occassions I have blogged about Jude’s laughing, it was rare and often popped out for no apparent reason. Well tonight he came alive and there was absolutely no doubt he was reacting to us. At one point he laughed so long he didn’t breath in – just one long laugh. He’d stop, we would tickle him and off he went again – 15 minutes or so, definitely the longest ever.

We have seen Jude become more and more expressive over recent weeks, whether it is the diet or not we don’t know, but it’s great.

You can see a video of Jude’s performance on Rachel’s facebook page.


2 thoughts on “Signed, sort of sealed and nearly delivered.

  1. that’s the best post you’ve done in ages- made my day really really! enjoy your hoilday- the packing will be there when you get back. The girls have also vouteered!!!

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