Signed, sealed and delivered next Monday.

Now the stress can really kick in.

5.15pm, the solicitor phones – they are ready to exchange contracts. We need to phone the removal people to confirm they can do next Monday. They can’t! Neither can the other local firm. The next 15 minutes both me and Rachel are phoning every removal firm we can find – Rachel using her iPhone, me using google. I discard all the ones that have dodgy websites, Rachel has no such filtering mechanisms.

Rachel wins, she has the first one with availability. I google them. They’ve got nice pictures on their website, they’ll do. They want to know how much we’ve already been quoted – I hastily make up a figure less than the one I think we got. I look up their quote and find I haven’t made up a lower figure after all, at least I didn’t make up a higher figure. 5 minutes on hold, it’s booked. We phone back the solicitor. Do it.


I go upstairs and start fixing the hole I made in the ceiling when I went into the loft at the weekend and put my foot through. Looks good. Not as good as new good but good. To my untrained eye anyway. If I wake up in the morning and the ceiling hasn’t fallen down I will put that down as a success.

And Jude has learnt how to put his hand into his mouth deliberately and regularly. Another little developmental milestone to tick off.

And the football (soccer) season starts on Saturday. This is a good week.


5 thoughts on “There.

  1. Great news, I bet I can guess the first thing to come out of the van and get plugged into the wall then!! (hope for Rachel’s sake this is after the kettle though I know how much she loves her coffee) LOL The Powells xxxx

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